Welcome to the Rural Route!

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Welcome to the first issue of The Rural Route – Your Local Lifestyle
Magazine. This exciting new venture is the first of its kind for this
area. A wide-circulation, full-colour, glossy magazine focussing
entirely on the people, organizations and businesses which make this
area a great place to live and work.
There is no doubt that our local area, a dynamic mix of rural and
small-town neighbourhoods, provides an attractive lifestyle. Minto
itself is a five-bloom community, having recently been declared
the first-place winner in the national Communities in Bloom (CIB)
competition for municipalities with populations between 8,000 and
10,000. Such national recognition comes as a result of the contributions
of residents, businesses, service groups and local government toward
making their hometown a place to be proud of. Community pride is
well-placed here. Given the broad level of participation in the CIB
program, which judges entrants on all areas taking into account the
residential, business, municipal and volunteer sectors, it’s no stretch
to say this community is among the best places to live in all of
What makes us so special? Many things, as we will find, as we travel
together, along The Rural Route.
As a lifestyle magazine, we will highlight all aspects of the community,
covering cultural, recreational and commercial pursuits. With free
delivery to every home each month (4,000 published), it is our goal
to help connect this community by sharing the stories of those who
make it work!