The Horse & Buggy Trail Offers Trip down Memory Lane

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Do not be surprised to see bicycles, buggies and auto-mobiles sharing the road on The Horse and Buggy Trail in Southgate Township this summer. The Trail is to be launched in May 2011. Located in the area around Conn, The Horse and Buggy Trail is a trip is like no other. Travelers can step back in time to a simpler culture and savour all the local specialties along the way.
The Horse and Buggy Trail meanders across iron bridges spanning crystal clear rivers teeming with trout. Scenic country roads pass by tidy farmsteads selling fresh produce, baking, eggs and maple syrup at the gate. Home baking features bread, butter tarts, and other fancy treats like the famous ‘cream dogs’ of Misty Meadows in Conn. Travelers can fill their freezer with local beef, lamb, pork, poultry and homemade sausage sold at several butcher and deli shops enroute.
Time your visit just right and you will see horse and buggies tied up at local businesses. You might snag a ride yourself at a few of the farms offering rides. And a real treat are the harness and buggy shops where the manufacturing of tack and horse drawn carriages is on view.
Every season is special on The Horse and Buggy Trail. Share in the maple syrup making in March and the harvesting of fruits and vegetables sold by the bushel for pickling in the fall. And there is no season quite like summer for the beautiful gardens and flowers. Fresh picked garden bouquets are often set at the farm gate. Just leave you loonies and toonies in the tins provided!
Meeting the friendly people who make the Mennonite culture of Southgate in Grey County unique is a privilege. Everyone is happy to answer your questions and proud to share their special lifestyle. While some of the locations are not part of the Mennonite community of Southgate Township, please respect the request for no Sunday sales at most places on the Trail.
On the Horse and Buggy Trail, you can expect to share the road with hikers, cyclists, tractors and farm equipment, perhaps some wildlife and of course horse drawn vehicles. Take your time; enjoy the ride.