Horsing around enroute to the altar

By Willa Wick in Animals & Nature, Community, People, Places, Events, & History

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An outdoor wedding in the country, on a perfect fall day, could be any bride’s dream. Irmgard Kuersten and Randy Kirkorian enjoyed all that, plus some very special touches of their own for their September 17 nuptials in Minto Township.

She may not have arrived riding the “six white horses” of musical fame, but the bride did come around the house and across the pasture atop her own noble steed… Annabelle, a dune coloured fjord.

Just before her equine entrance Randy had roared up the driveway, dressed in a traditional black tux, riding his iron horse, a gleaming Harley Davidson Rocker C.

Combining the riding passions of both participants was the unique way Irmgard, the Rural Route’s own graphic designer, and husband Randy began their life together. The weather waited till Saturday to convince the couple everything would be okay for this outdoor event (meanwhile a huge heated, white tent waited as a back-up for any disaster). By the time the 4 p.m. wedding was set to commence, the sun was out and the temperature rising.

After dismounting from her horse the bride was escorted down the grassy aisle by her mother Elisabeth. Family members from Germany and Boston took part in this special event officiated by Rev. Heather Leffler.

Following the ceremony friends and family watched as the bride and groom performed an Armenian custom. Two china plates were placed on the ground and the couple asked to stomp on them. The idea is to see who will be the strong one in the marriage. Both plates shattered at the same time, both in a dozen small pieces.

Shortly afterwards a German custom followed, in which the couple slice a log with a cross-cut saw. Irmgard and Randy worked together perfectly to saw it through in short order.


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