Mrs. B has Cancer

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Glynis Belec is a freelance writer, children’s author, private tutor and founder of Writers Unite, Drayton. She began her writing career in 1986. Glynis’s short stories have been published in The Rural Route, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider anthology and Chicken Soup for the Soul series. For eleven years, she wrote a column in the Drayton Community News. Glynis has had two Arch Books published through Concordia Publishing. She is the market columnist for Inscribe Magazine and has written for many other juvenile and adult publications.
In 2008, after an ovarian cancer diagnosis, Glynis changed her focus and started writing a children’s book about cancer. The book was written in response to the many questions her students were asking. The questions were varied but most of Glynis’s students asked whether or not she would die or if cancer was contagious.
Everyone is affected by cancer- young and old. Glynis wanted children to feel hope and be encouraged knowing that they can make a difference in the fight to conquer cancer.
Writing a book helped Glynis deal with her emotions during her cancer treatments. She found the time spent writing was therapeutic, so she continued to write during her chemotherapy. Glynis’s original book began as a work of non-fiction as she wanted to offer children a way to understand and deal with cancer.
In 2012 her completed manuscript was professionally edited. In early 2013 after much prayer, extensive research and continued family support, Glynis decided to self-publish her book, Mrs. B Has Cancer. As a self-published author Glynis enjoys marketing her book through social media and during her speaking engagements at schools, churches, community events and Ovarian Cancer, Canada presentations.
Mrs. B Has Cancer is an entertaining story that interweaves teaching aspects throughout the book.
“The book,” says Glynis, “ includes an actual letter from one of my students.
Mrs. B Has Cancer is based on a true story and is suited for readers ages 8-12.”
Tristan, the main character, represents the students Glynis has tutored. Her focus through out the book is on Tristan and his responses and not on Mrs. B’s cancer.
Tristan learns that cancer testing includes discovering what an ultra sound is; how a CAT scan has nothing to do with cats; the challenges of regular blood work and how still a patient has to be during a bone scan. Tristan’s mother explains chemotherapy to Tristan after Mrs. B’s doctors decide she will need treatments. Tristan finds a way to help Mrs. B through her cancer by organizing a Cancel Cancer Party. The excitement builds; it becomes apparent that something fishy is going on (as the plot twists) and in the end Mrs. B is not the only one who is surprised.
Glynis is thrilled about the publication of her book, which she hopes will provide her with the opportunity to speak to children and have them experience the joy of reading. She enjoys sharing her heart in regards to her own cancer experience.
“Writing my book, Mrs. B Has Cancer, has given me hope, a sense of purpose and was definitely a distraction from all my aches and pains at the time,” Glynis said.
In the near future Glynis plan to write more books for children to help equip them with the necessary tools to deal with their own challenges.
“Often children don’t know what to do when faced with issues. They sometimes act out or retreat inwardly. My goal is to equip children (through my stories) with the necessary skills and give them confidence to face each day.” Glynis said.
In her position as speaker for Ovarian Cancer, Canada, Glynis’s passion is to make everyone aware of ovarian cancer. She plans to expand her speaking platform to include school children. New to Glynis’s list of accomplishments is her company, Angel Hope Publishing. Mrs. B Has Cancer was her first official book to bear the company name.
Mrs. B Has Cancer is 100% Canadian and was edited by Carolyn Wilker of Fine Tune Editing, Kitchener. The cover was designed by Amanda Newton of T and J Studios, Drayton.
Books are available in Kindle and Paperback from and on
Locally, books can be purchased at Blooming Dale’s and Studio Factor in Drayton. $1.00 from the sale of each Mrs. B Has Cancer will be donated to Ovarian Cancer, Canada.


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