One Up, One Down

By Willa Wick in Community, Places, Events, & History

It’s not often you see two different crews working together yet laboring at opposite ends of the spectrum. Such was the case recently on the 8th Line, Minto Township, when an old bank barn on the former Ellis Melton property was dismantled right under the noses of the construction crew building a brand new naturally ventilated beef barn

Oscar Brubacher and crew from the Kenilworth area worked with farmer Lester Martin to design and erect this new metal building with steel web joists for the roof. Moses Bauman and his work force from nearby Listowel were in charge of dismantling the old. Anything that can be used again is salvagedThe high-hoe pushes ever so slowly (Willa Wick  photo) The old bank barn lies in a pile of dust while the frame of the new steel barn is almost completed (Willa Wick photo) The old bank barn lies beneath its roof while the new steel barn frame rises behind it (Willa Wick photo).

It was quite a show to watch everything at the same time, but unfortunately it was sometimes difficult for the men wallowing in the mud from heavy rains the night before and that morning. Few realized the uniqueness of the situation, so there weren’t many spectators until word spread that “the barn was to go down at 4:00”.

During the last few minutes the high-hoe chipped away at any remaining upper boards which might hinder the final shove. It was like watching a lumberjack making precision cuts so as to land the tree exactly where he wanted.

The bucket pushed, and in slow motion the corner posts and upright beams gave way and buckled to the ground in a thundering cloud of dust. As the debris subsided sparks from the welder shone through the haze – and the last of the steel roof trusses were in place for the new barn.