Kid’s Writing Contest: 10 and under, 3rd place

By Desirae Lichty in Poetry & Literature


Winter Fun

Desirae Lichty, age 8, Brunner

Why we liked it: This piece is both a description of this girl’s vacation, and a call for readers to go to the Rideau Canal themselves. I found it enjoyable to read, and it made me want to visit the Canal myself. So, the article has accomplished its mission very well.


One winter I went to Ottawa for a weekend. I got there at 8:00 P.M. We skated the Rideau Canal for an hour until we got tired. It was dark but the full moon was bright and shining.

The next day we skated the whole canal. The part of the canal that is open for skating is seven and a half km long. I skated the whole thing- almost. Dad and Mom had to drag me some of the way. If you get tired you can rest on the benches along the way. And, if you need to use a washroom, you can just skate over to one and walk right in without taking your skates off. When you are tired and hungry you can just skate over to the food booth and get a beaver tail and some hot chocolate. You can skate under the bridge too. There are booths to warm up in along the way. You don’t even have to take your skates off! And, if you are tired on the way back, you can rent a sleigh to ride. But you have to convince someone to push you!

After our lunch we went to the Rideau Hall where the Governor General lives. We got a tour of some of the rooms in the Hall. Outside were all sorts of activities for kids to try. I tried cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. And I ate lots of snow taffy. I also watched my brothers do an obstacle course, and we all watched the dogsled races.

You should go to Rideau Canal because it is the best place in Ontario for a winter family activity!