Kid’s Writing Contest: 11-13, 2nd place

By Dana Weber in Poetry & Literature

Wonderful Winter

Dana Weber, age 11, Drayton

Why we like it: This cute poem highlights many of the small, enjoyable things about winter. It doesn’t have a definite storyline, although the poem feels like it could be the story of one child’s Christmas day. We enjoyed the varying moods through the poem, such as happiness, excitement, and embarrassment.


Winter means mittens, coats and hats

Heading out to make some tracks.

Here and there in the snow we go

Watching imagination grow.


Winter means a thrilling ride

Down a pure white snowy slide.

We get a cold face wash and then

Laughing we climb to the top again.


Winter means rolling a ball

To make a snowman standing tall.

Finished with a carrot nose

The snowman stands in perfect pose.


Winter is the time of year

You might slip and fall on your rear.

Its enough to make your cheeks turn pink

When lying flat-out on the rink.


Winter means we get to skate

We have a hockey game- that’s great.


We are behind, we’ll win it yet!


Winter means reading a book

Being with friends and playing rook.

Cuddling up by the blazing fire

Watching flames rise higher and higher!


Winter means falling snow

And the snowplows have to go.

Pushing snow for many miles

Then the ditches get big piles.


Winter means cars stuck in the snow

Needing a Chevy truck to tow.

With a length of hook and chain

We get the car back in the lane.


Winter means it’s Christmas time

Everyone feeling jolly and fine.

With friends and family, spirits lift

But Jesus is the greatest gift.


Winter means snowy fun

Playing outside under the winter sun.

Winter is a wonderful time of year

For then we know Spring is drawing near.