Autumn Leaves

By Grace McCoag in Poetry & Literature

Autumn days are here again.
What more is there to say?
Except, old knees are locked in pain
And rheumatizm’s here to stay.

Look out towards the hills of trees
Aglow with autumn colours.
The golds, the reds dance in the breeze
Glorious now, beyond all others.

The orange sumac brightens the day
Tho’ clouds are dark outside.
The cold wind chills the smokey haze
While squirrels hunt nuts to hide.

I wish the snow would stay away
For snowbanks deep and icy
Remind me of my high school years
When roads were slick and dicey.

I wish again these autumn days
Could last a little longer
Six months or more would be OK
I’ll need that time to ponder.
“Welcome to autumn!”