Editorial: The Route to The Rural Route

By Jennifer Bowman in Editorial

Once May comes, we know spring is really here! With spring comes change, big change. This year spring is also bringing big changes to The Rural Route, starting with a new editor!

I’m not sure how to begin this first editorial, but in this area where heritage is everything and background is important, I’ll tell you a little about myself.

On my to-do list is personalizing my office space, which will include photos from the year I spent volunteering at a school in Amman, Jordan. There I had the opportunity to hike the desert with locals, learn a little bit of Arabic and ride a camel to the pyramids. I traded one desert for another the following year when I attended a biblical theology program in Dallas, Texas. I moved back to Muskoka for a few months (my home base for the past decade), then followed the rural route back to my own roots in this area. Quite literally.

I could tell you my lineage, and some of you would know my parents, but I won’t give them away just yet. I went to school for journalism and have worked both at radio stations and a newspaper. I calculated the risk in saying that because you’ll either feel I’m well-qualified or you’ll groan at the thought. I’ve freelanced for magazines and I’ve always been the girl with the camera on my hip.

I’m a big fan of finding the adventure in life, big or small. It inspires you to embrace each experience and enjoy it more fully, even things that would normally frustrate you or seem a chore. It encourages you to stop for a moment to smell a flower, appreciate a sunset, even have empathy for a parent with a crying child.

This month one of those adventures and inspiring moments was trying to get three lambs to cooperate for a cover photo. They are the three survivors of a set of quintuplets, bottle-fed by hand and dedicated to following their provider. They were adorable and it was so much fun capturing their antics, but you thought family photos were difficult…

I look forward to exploring with you all the lovely things that make our rural route a wonderful place to live and visit. Send us a letter or an email about what you love about your rural route. And make sure you check out our new Facebook page @theruralroute and share your adventures and inspiring moments.