Editorial: The season of more

By Jennifer Bowman in Editorial

I love variety. Some days I want raspberry, some days I want mango, other days I want blueberry. Better yet, all of them – with chocolate. On my pita I like falafel, gyro, beef or chicken with every vegetable and lots of pineapple. I love green and blue and purple and yellow and brown and… it’s all about context, what other colours it will be with, what it’s for and what mood I’m in. I like some country music, some Christian music, some international music, some folk music, some rock music, some classical music, but not all of any of those. And I definitely can’t pick a favourite time of the year.

I’ve always said I love the beginning of every season. Truly, probably not the beginning as the calendar marks it, but what feels like the beginning. The crispness of the air and the colourful leaves in the fall, the first snow cheering up the dead brown in the winter, the clean green and invigorating freshness of the air in spring. But, other than school letting out, I’ve never been able to figure out exactly what signals the beginning of summer.

Unlike the other seasons, summer is more of a settling into. There are no dramatic colour changes, baby animals are already born and the days are already long. Everything just becomes more of what it already is. The trees become greener, plants and animals grow bigger, the air feels heavier, the temperature gets hotter, the sun becomes brighter and people become busier.

Summer is the season of more, including raspberries, blueberries, and all the vegetables that go on my pita. We add another bit of busyness to our summer as we save up some of this “more” into our cold storages and freezers for the time of less in the winter. We soak up sunlight to nourish our bodies with vitamin D. We exercise more without realizing it because we spend more time outside and moving around. We socialize more because we are out and about more.

While it is the season of more, in another way summer is also about less. Less layers of clothing. Enjoying the simplicity of eating peas straight off the vine. Taking time to relax after a long day. While we tend to become overly busy, the nature of summer’s heat invites us to slow down to enjoy that we can do with less.

By the end of the summer, when we’re filled with more and indulged with less, I’ll be excited to see new colours, breathe the fresh air and hear different sounds as the cycle of nature continues.

But for now, I’m excited to be settling into the season of more. Now about that pita…