Flour power

By Glynis M. Belec in Sugar & Spice

My beautiful, caring son was trying to be kind and I think I ruined the moment.
So the text went like this:
Trev: Random question, Mom. What’s your favourite flower?
Me: Now don’t do anything silly. Carnations & gerbera daisies, maybe.
Trev: I’m not. Just a random question!
Me: Actually, my favourite is really Robin Hood, unbleached.
Trev: Okay. But, what is your real favourite out of those? That’s a flower?
Me: Yes, I make cookies with it all the time—that, or Five Roses
Trev: Oh geez, Mom. I even Googled images to see what a Robin Hood Flower looked like.
Me: Hahahaha! You have me rolling on the floor (Get it? Rolling pin?)
Trev: Okay, I think we have to end this right now.
Me: And I likely just spoiled a special mother/son moment, didn’t I? Oh, and speaking of flowers, I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided that when I die I would like an open casket and would like to be upside down with only my feet showing.
Trev: Hahahaha. Special; done and done!
Me: With a 10kg bag of Robin Hood Flour on top and then cowboy cookies (my recipe) for everyone to eat as they wait in line to gaze upon my feet. And I would like to be wearing high heels. I never wore heels. Too tall. But I always wanted to.
Trev: Oh boy. Did you take your meds today?
Me: Maybe too many! Aren’t you glad you decided to pose a simple, random question?
Trev: Yea…won’t happen again anytime soon!
Me: See. When people ask about flowers I get giddy and delusional. Ask me about chocolate.
Trev: Haha! No. Wouldn’t dare! Ha! Then I don’t have to get you flowers at your funeral?
Me: No, you will get me flour!
Trev: Yeah, I will!
Me: That is why I love you…
Trev: Love you, too …
I think I might have messed up a beautiful thing that day, because I still haven’t seen any flowers arriving on my doorstep. I keep wondering what that random question was about anyway. Hmmm…maybe it was a setup. A tease. A joke. Maybe my son (who shares the same quirky sense of humour) knew I wouldn’t respond appropriately. I rarely do. Maybe, just maybe, I should send him a text back. It might go something
like this.
Me: Hi Trev. Random question. I’m going shoe shopping. What colour high heels should I buy?
Trev: [crickets …] ###