Our Porcelain Lady

By Grace McCoag in Poems

I must tell you of our “Lady”

Well proportioned and so shapely,

Sits upon our china cabinet shelf of glass

Smiling out at all who see her.

Stunning, winsome, graceful, pretty,

Showing us she’s proud and proper in her class

In our china desk so lovely

Sits our Lillie, dressed so comely

Holding court o’re figurines less fair,

Delicate hands reach out so dainty,

Refinement showing, decorative painting

Of a beauty much too polished to compare.

Fingers made this gorgeous creature

Beauty in each well made feature,

Dainty feet enclosed in slippers made of gold

Billowing dress, symetrical balance

Glamorous smile and proper stance.

She has the most attractive figure to behold!

At our writers’ group (Ink and Cookies) in Mount Forest we were each assigned a common adjective and asked to write a short poem using as many synonyms for our assigned word as we could. My adjective was ‘beautiful’.

Lil Nelson, a good friend of mine, in her younger years, developed a skill of making delicate porcelain figurines and indeed taught many others how to do so. My husband and I visited Lil and her husband, Harold, in Brampton, not so long ago, and she showed us what was left of her collection for she had given many away to her children and grand children but she still had a large china cabinet full. I was admiring them when she said, “The blue one is for you. I want you to have it.”

I was astounded and pleased for the one she identified was the one I liked the most. She took it out of its case and carefully wrapped and boxed it for me. The last words she said to me as we left were, “I don’t care what you do with it but I have it insured for a thousand dollars.”

We called the figurine Lillie, after its maker, and she now has top billing in our china cabinet. She is nine inches tall and has a fragile, lacy, handcrafted, porcelain skirt that billows out to a diameter of some fourteen inches. Lillie became the inspiration for my poem.