By Margaret Blair in People, Places, Events, & History on November 11, 2017

In Flanders Fields the poppies bloomed around the graves of soldiers, nature’s reminder of the deaths of the very young with their lives before them. The very young, tragic cannon fodder, fighting the war of their elders, these elders securely ensconced in their clubs and offices. We have a large harvest of poems written by […]


He said we wouldn’t remember

By Lynne Turner in People on November 6, 2017

With no Canadian World War I veterans left and the number who served in the World War 2 dwindling, the late Frank Pinder of Mount Forest would be more than surprised to see how attendance at Remembrance Day services across the region are attracting larger and larger crowds every year. If you’d asked Pinder 40 […]


Life as a Farmerette

By Caroline Sealey in People, Places, Events, & History on October 31, 2017

With men and women serving overseas in World War 2, farm labourers were in short supply in Ontario. An appeal came from the Ontario government for individuals to join Ontario’s Farm Service Force. A letter from A. MacLaren, Director, Ontario Farm Service Force stated, “Canada has a large part to play in the furnishing of […]


Knock, knock… it’s hollow

By Willa Wick in Places, Events, & History on October 30, 2017

“Knock, knock, who’s in there?” A weak voice answered below me, “It’s Arnold.” “And how long have you been in there?” “About a 134 years.” “Are you ok?” “Yes, about as well as one could expect for an old guy. But aren’t I beautiful on the outside?” “Yes, I must admit, your markings are exquisite.” […]


No one heard their cries

By Willa Wick in Places, Events, & History on October 20, 2017

They were taken from their families. They were alone, forlorn, and confused, but their fears were not consoled. Children, as young as four, stripped from their mother’s arms and placed “in care.” Poverty was rampant, as well as filth and disease. Many children were beggars in the streets. So it was determined that children in […]


Ballinafad heralds Stompin’ Tom

By Willa Wick in People, Places, Events, & History on October 20, 2017

He was a Canadian icon who loved his country. This past Labour Day weekend a plaque was unveiled in Ballinafad for the late plywood thumpin’ super-star. Tom Connors had a rough childhood, starting with his birth to an unwed New Brunswick teenager in 1936. He was shuffled from place to place with his grandmother, to […]


Old friends and Studebakers

By David Turner in Places, Events, & History on October 20, 2017

It was the autumn of 1931 and my mother was beginning her fifth year of post-elementary education at Toronto Western Commerce, a diversified educational centre situated in the Runnymede-Annette Street area of Ontario’s capital. It was an hour’s walk from the university to her home, but with the country mired in the ever-tightening grip of […]


From garden to masterpiece

By Lynne Turner in People on October 20, 2017

It all started when Karen Cheeseman’s husband brought home a package of gourd seeds many, many years ago. Not knowing exactly what they were, Cheeseman researched gourds on the Internet. There was slow dial-up at her home near Dromore, just outside of Mount Forest, and not nearly the information that is at one’s fingertips today. […]


Thanksgiving in Canada

By Valerie Diefenbacher in Places, Events, & History on October 20, 2017

Are you prepared to give away a portion of your feast this Thanksgiving? I’m not talking about the soup kitchen, the church potluck, or even your lonely next-door neighbor. If you lived in Korea, you would fix a nice plateful or two of turkey and dressing and take a walk to … the graveyard. I’m […]


Fall Fair Competition

By Caroline Sealey in Places, Events, & History on October 20, 2017

It’s fall and the nights are cooler.  Grab a warm blanket and a thermos of hot chocolate before heading out to the local fall fair. Don’t forget earplugs if a truck or tractor pull is on the agenda. At the fair, be sure to head to the grandstand. If the words class, diesel, 4×4, full pull, […]

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