Twenty-six and Counting

By Wendell Diefenbacher in Motors on November 9, 2017

Which ages faster: a person or a car? If you’re a relatively normal human, it’s probably not a question you’ve given much thought. So think about it for a minute. Which one ages more quickly? At first, you might say the car is the obvious answer. A good high-end lawyer wouldn’t dream of keeping a […]


Meeting a Hero

By Wendell Diefenbacher in Motors on September 3, 2016

They say you should never meet your heroes. And I’m on my way to meet one of mine. I’ve loved the classic shape of the BMW 2002 for years. For me, it all began when I was 14 and spotted one on the road; I thought it was perfect. On the outskirts of Wellesley, I […]


Steak Salesman

By David Turner in Motors, People on February 2, 2016

Al shuffled through the stacks of paper littering his desk. Reams of brochures promoting rustproofing, extended warranties, security systems, communication systems, global tracking systems, leasing and financing options, life insurance, disability insurance, loss of income insurance, road hazard insurance… “Selling cars sure has changed, commented Al, peering at me from over his glasses. “The only […]


When Good Things Continue

By Darren Frey in Health & Fitness, Motors, Places, Events, & History on December 18, 2015

I love the little good things in life. A breath of cool air on a hot sweltering day. A cup of hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows, delivered to your hand, as the storm howls outside. The guy in the line in front of you paying your bill. A tip at a restaurant when you weren’t […]


The Tractor Rally

By Connie Cook in Community, Motors, Places, Events, & History on September 5, 2015

On a hot summer day in July, 34 tractors and assorted conveyances file out of the Dunedin park and head westward into the rolling hills of Simcoe and Dufferin County. There are grey David Brown’s, fire-engine red Massey Ferguson’s, blue Fords, yellow Allis-Chalmers and green Oliver’s. One tractor pulls a porta-potty behind for life’s emergencies; […]


A Lifetime of MGs

By Wendell Diefenbacher in Motors, People on July 23, 2015

Just outside the noisy turmoil of construction that currently makes up Harriston, I turn onto a quiet, narrow country road. After a silent kilometre or two, I arrive at my destination. A serene, tree-lined laneway ushers me in. My heart beats a little faster. I’m here to talk to a man named John Burgess. He […]


Road of Broken Dreams

By Willa Wick in Motors on April 13, 2014

If you watched the movie “Back To The Future” you’ll remember the sleek silver bullet that soared through the atmosphere and vanished into the clouds from its 0-96 km/h in an 8.8 second start. By the time it returned from the skies in 1985 and swooped to a shuddering stop in an aura of vapour, […]


My Ride

By Linda Horowitz in Motors, People on February 21, 2014

My husband is already in the garage moving the bikes out for us. This is generally the routine. Not because I can’t move my bike for myself, but because I take that much longer to prepare for the ride. First I have to tug on my boots. Then I have to work my way into […]


When did Dad get the ’52 Chevy?

By Willa Wick in Community, Motors, People on June 23, 2013

I have two brothers and a sister. All of us live about 3 hours apart so as we age we see less and less of one another. Email is wonderful, except even though convenient, hearing from them is quite sporadic – unless of course you make a mistake. Recently I needed some information – and […]


Tractors ‘n Toys

By Willa Wick in Motors, People on April 23, 2013

It’s oft’ been said “You can take the boy out of the country, but…” Many farmers feel a longing when they retire and have to leave their land, animals and machinery behind. Such was the case with Harold Weber, but years later he has more tractors and farm machinery than he ever dreamed possible Weber […]

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