Our Porcelain Lady

By Grace McCoag in Poems on November 13, 2017

I must tell you of our “Lady” Well proportioned and so shapely, Sits upon our china cabinet shelf of glass Smiling out at all who see her. Stunning, winsome, graceful, pretty, Showing us she’s proud and proper in her class In our china desk so lovely Sits our Lillie, dressed so comely Holding court o’re […]


Asleep on the Farm

By Connie Cook in Poems on November 4, 2017

In the midnight sky there’s a thirsty moon And it drinks up the darkness and lights up the room In the little old farmhouse of Farmer McNeish Where he and his Missus lie resting in sleep. But how do they sleep? Well God only knows For he snorts and he snores and she whistles and […]



By Janet Martin in Poems, Poetry & Literature on May 1, 2017

He whistles as he works; his voice is filled with fiery pep He seems much younger than his years with keenness in each step His day begins in early morn, machinery starts to sing For weary farmers seem reborn when winter turns to spring Prelude to wheat fields gleaming like gold oceans at high noon […]